Monday, October 13, 2008

A wasted vote?

This is a really good piece on explaining the difference between an actual wasted vote and perceived wasted vote. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Granted there are enough brainwashed idiots who actually support the two status quo choices without question, but this video is for those folks who are sick about voting for either and need the truth in order to make the right decision. The presidential election isn't a horse race where you are trying to pick the candidate who will likely win, it's a huge responsibility as an American to choose in your heart who will best lead our country, secure our way of life and get us back to sound money and rid us of the mass corruption. McCain and Obama are part of the same corporate elite, the two party system is an illusion. A vote for either is a vote for more corruption. You can be assured of this because they are the only two candidates of about 8 who appear on the news.

As a thinking person, ask is it fair to only show the two candidates the establishment wants? They decide for Americans who they should choose. Some dumb asses will say yes, narrow it down for me. Smart voters understand that to preserve our Republic they must decide not have corruption decide for us. A nightly news program run by huge corrupt corporations shouldn't be deciding who leads the greatest free nation in the world, we should.

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