Friday, October 24, 2008

Architecture of a Takeover

I was amazed at the brilliance of the NWO creating their figure head known as Barack Hussein Obama. McCain I expected based on the Bush selection for the last 8 years; he’s a carbon copy idiot with no leadership skills. Remember first it was Rudy, but that didn't fly because of the hatred toward him by New Yorkers. He was stalked by thruthers and widows of 9/11 to the point he couldn't go anywhere without the clear message that we "ain't buying Rudy as a hero". We have to thank their grass roots effort that got him out of the running. But the NWO is adaptive, in steps McInsane.

Back to Obama; his rise to popularity by the deciders was pure genius. They knew the group of American people we'll call the “liberals” would eat him up like turkey on Thanksgiving. Even Hillary was part of the planning. They had to have a contender the American people wanted less than a black man. Remember blacks got to vote before women did. Black Vote (15th Amendment 1869). Women Vote (19th Amendment 1919). They are relying on the manufactured Democrats they’ve been creating for the past 100 years to support Obama overwhelmingly.

Now the critical architecture in this whole scheme is the minority/poor vote. This very large portion of our population has been growing since the days of “the New Deal”. The end of true wealth accumulation by the common citizen dates back to the Great Depression. This house of cards built on debt gave a false sense of wealth as Americans gained material possessions but had debt behind it, not wealth. And the growing greed of the working man fueled the system; a system that would inevitably come to an end. Keeping up with the Jones was the mantra of the “great society”.

I'm going to take you to November of 2000. In Florida, in the state that won the election for George W, Katherine Harris, secretary of state for Florida and co chair of the Bush campaign in Florida hires a company to purge the voter rolls of convicted felons only they use a loose net grabbing anyone with even a similar name. Needless to say, the mess that ensued allowed Harris to declare GWB president. This event created an anger likened to a proverbial hornets nest with disenfranchised voters, mainly Democrats and the establishment knew it. The presentation of Obama is the strategy to get those millions of non trusting voters to jump back in the process by giving them a trust worthy choice on first sight. Click here for the events , and here.

The people who will vote for Obama have no wealth and probably never had any. Most are on the verge of financial ruin; one missed payment away from foreclosure, credit card debt that is growing, two and three jobs to support their families and have no knowledge of how the economy actually works. Many are getting some form of government benefits to supplement their cost of living in the form of food stamps, free health insurance or heating and housing help. All they know is they want to keep their lifestyle of material possessions but need a little extra money to keep the charade going. Obama’s wealth redistribution plan of taking from the rich to give to the poor is scratching their itch. Since they don’t understand the economy, they don’t realize they too will be taxed. They know intuitively they have been robbed because of the prices they pay for fuel, gas and food, and the value of their house is dropping like a lead balloon; because of this they sense something isn’t right. But the news and their candidate assure them everything is going to be OK, so they jump on board.

Another group of Americans who’ll vote for Obama are living off tax dollars. They haven’t worked in generations and see the color of his skin as instant understanding to their plight. They think he’ll make decisions based on his race, based on being a minority and based on understanding the poor, underprivileged and discriminated against. They don’t see a problem with raising taxes because they don’t pay them. They receive the benefit so they see taxes as necessary for their own existence. These folks have been created by a system of entitlement for generations. Their needs are met by the government. They see no justification to stop the current relationship because it allows them to live comfortably in a house they don’t pay for, eat food they don’t work for and ignore medical bills that belong to their government. They will vote for Obama because they need him to keep their support going. He represents consistency and continuation of the way things are. The Democratic machine has been tirelessly going out and registering the poor and those in housing projects during this current campaign. They tout the historical nature of this election and make them feel they finally have a voice; all very important parts of the plan. The main goal is to get a historical number of votes in the next election.

The final groups who will vote for Obama are women for many of the same reasons as the poor. Part of Obama’s platform was to mention his stance on equality for women. The whole presentation of Obama as a candidate has been very well thought out. Each issue has been selected for an outcome. Hillary’s failure was a very important part of that architecture. It sent a message to women; America isn’t ready yet for a female president, but maybe it’s ready for a black man. It’s an important step toward progress and many liberal women will see it that way. Michelle Obama is instrumental in this plan by assuring women she’ll make sure he supports equality for women to secure that vote.

Sarah Palin is another important move by the NWO to make sure they secure another demographic of the female vote. Notice she’s a subordinate to a man. The important point is they want as many people as possible to vote for either McCain or Obama, to get buy in from the largest number of voters in history because they have a plan that will require as many Americans as possible engaged in the process. Some will vote for McCain with the hope he doesn’t make it through his first term and we get our first woman president. What’s important isn’t that it may actually happen, but the voters think it might happen. In this case perception becomes reality.

Now Palin probably wasn’t part of the original plan but part of the adapted plan. What the deciders saw was Hillary was generally not liked by women. She was thought of as frumpy, dikey, bitchy and not respected. It was pretty clear Hill wasn’t working out like they had hoped. She seemed to have a decent lead but quite miraculously she conceded and Obama was the clear winner. Also the reason why she isn’t Obama’s running mate.

In steps the fairytale princess barbie doll, just like the one little girls all over America grew up with; Sarah Palin. She was carefully selected for her beauty, her motherhood and her general lack of intelligence and inexperience. She isn’t smarter than most women so isn’t perceived as a threat. She didn’t win the beauty contest but she was pretty enough to be there. She’s the proverbial hood ornament who has the “maverick” there to help her along the way if she gets too confused about her responsibilities. But she is not important really; she’s a manufactured actress in the story. Liberal women will not vote for Palin. They see her as everything they are not. The important thing is to get women to vote for either candidate so they are creating characters with qualities that will appeal to the two main kinds of women, the feminazi’s and the church going dependent types with traditional Christian values. It’s pretty clear in this election they have covered all bases. When’s the last time you saw an ugly female televangelist?

If you view this whole process as a screen play with the characters being carefully selected and developed it will make more sense.

So now it looks as though by popular vote, Obama will win. They have waged a very expensive campaign to convince millions of Americans he represents change but politicians and Americans alike, when asked, can’t verbalize exactly how that change will occur. His signs are everywhere. The media treats him like a rock star and his wife like the next Jackie O, even though she buys cheap generic clothes and is uglier than a mud fence. But again it’s manufactured, the media says it; dumb dumbs believe it.

Now here’s where this is going. Obama is not going to win the election in November. Let me rephrase that. He’ll win, it just won’t be reported that he won. McCain will be reported to have won. We’ve already had two elections like this and the American people didn’t do a damn thing. Why should they think this will be any different? Well it is different this time because they purposely created a messiah figure. They manufactured him to get people out of their seats. They want full engagement of the American people. They need it for what they have planned.

I’m going to jump tracks for a few seconds to put a few things in context. The American economy collapsed at a very bad time; by end of September 2008 it was finished. The deciders hoped it would hold out until the first of the year; but that much greed and corruption for almost 100 years was on borrowed time anyway. The collapse was the catalyst for the major changes they had planned. Change to dictatorship, martial law and suspension of the Constitution, it just came a few months too early. The NWO couldn’t keep it propped up until at least the next election so they had to employ the next best thing; a bail out. Notice the bail out isn’t working. It’s up and down and pretty clear it will have a full out collapse again right about the time the next president takes office. Also notice 95% or higher of the American people were against it. The House and Senate both shut down their e-mail servers, websites and switchboards because they didn’t care what the American people thought. They haven’t cared for years but this time they didn’t even try to hide it. The American people were powerless to do or say anything. A huge clue in who’s running this country. The gas prices going down are also part of the strategy. Something had to give so they gave a temporary reprieve because they want us holding out too. Lowering gas prices gave hope to a terminally ill system.

In the last week we have had cryptic premonitions about what will happen in the first few months of the next presidency. What will happen is this, it will be reported that McCain won the presidency. The majority of people who got behind Obama will revolt. Rioting, looting, and the need for martial law will be in America, and the American people will be the reason. Many Americans will end up dying in tragic race riots, protests, and police violence. Nobody will be safe. The need for general protection for all Americans will be a huge perceived need by the population, the economy that is already teetering on total destruction and is currently on life support will finally crash and burn. McCain will ask Obama to gather his followers to accept the transitions of martial law, the new currency and the suspension of the Constitution. They are counting on Obama’s supporters to believe everything he says and go with him. The fear and destruction resulting from the riots will scare people into submission and acceptance of martial law. They will willingly accept it.

This is all part of the plan. The easiest way to get rid of a population? Let them kill each other. We see it other countries; Africa comes to mind. I wish I could say we don’t already have the executive orders in place that will allow this to happen …but we do.

Obama is part of the two part plan. He already knows this as does McCain. In order to mobilize the nation they needed to give the people respective leaders they could trust. They needed the full court press to get people motivated to vote and take ownership of their government. Their passion will fuel the demise of America. Martial law will also end the Internet as we know it. The government will take control of all telecommunications and the transition to the digital TV signal in February will have all Americans wired in to hear what will happen next. 1984 revisited.

It will justify the end of liberty and freedom and our people will buy into the plan like never before in our history. One big giant send off to the America we know and love all in the name of entitlements and dependency.

This is when you wish you had a bomb shelter on the property…

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