Tuesday, November 18, 2008

History Repeats

Hitler knew just how important getting kids engaged in his mission would be; indoctrinate generations to support the agenda. Children no longer listened to their parents but their young impressionable minds were programmed to carry out the mission of the state. Once we see groups like these forming we must not allow them to grab hold. Getting control of the minds of our children can have devastating consequences. Having to reprogram generations to think for themselves again and support freedom can be a daunting task. The allure for children of being important to the state for the first time, to be part of a group for the first time to have a safe structured environment where they don't have to think is the danger and also the tool to make it happen.

Africa has a very dangerous element started by rebels. They steal children and teach them to kill. They kidnap children to grow their ranks and the leaders give kids drugs and alcohol and treat them like men. It works because children are so impressionable. They easily learn new languages and cultures because their minds are like sponges ready to absorb. We can't as a free society allow this to happen to our children. We have to teach them about freedom liberty and the US Constitution. If we teach them about freedom rather than captive slavery they will fight for freedom.

Obama's proposed civilian army where everyone 18-42 will serve four years will do exactly what Hitler youth did. It allowed all people rich and poor to be come comrades and equal. Four years of government training will only serve to suppress free thinking. The masses are usually mostly poor so it gives them a false sense of equality for the sole purpose of rounding up massive army's to do the government's bidding. This is straight out of Nazi Germany; it would make Hitler proud. Forced labor is not American or has anything to do with freedom or liberty. It goes against every American being their own person, and making their own decisions about their destiny. It is the extreme opposite of freedom. If these videos don't scare the crap out of you, you are already sucked into the propaganda. You've been warned.

This is amazing

Informed voters....

America we are in trouble! You don't even know the Democrats are controlling Congress and that a Democrat, Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House the third in line to be president and all you can remember is the tabloid crap! That your Democrat, Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table so Bush would not pay for his war crimes.

Obama said 57 states. With one left to go...


Change. Hope. I want some right about now! You were duped! Propaganda campaign, Hitler style only add the Internet. 95% of Germans voted for Hitler because they were inundated with propaganda not the truth. They could not possibly have known what they were doing. You should be angry first that your vote was hijacked by the media and second you allowed your brain to be manipulated over the most important decision that faces America. America was ready for a black man; just an honest black man. Thanks for nothing!

If you are a Democrat and you don't know the names of the people he asks about, please go out and research for yourself. You will be thrown into the reason America was destroyed. You will go down in history just like the Germans.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Puppet of Finance Capitial

What We Choose to Ignore