Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

I voted last week and while standing in line to get my paper ballot, a process which took a half hour, I spoke to people in line asking, what are you voting on paper or the Diebold machines? The look of confusion was overwhelming. I'm perplexed, is it possible that Americans are totally unaware that their votes are getting stolen? Are they so trusting they believe something as sacred as the vote would never be hacked? I sat down and a woman asked one of the poll workers why I was sitting down. When I got the chance to speak to her I explained that I didn't trust the plastic because they left no paper trail and were built to be hacked. Nothing against her but she didn't understand a word I said, I was speaking French as far as she knew. She was a deer in my headlights and I was going too fast to stop. The percentage of Americans who are voting on these machines is now up to 80%. This means 80% of the votes cannot be audited or recounted as the machines tally the vote and do not break them down by voter. My message; ask for a paper ballot while you still can. If you think your vote matters, ask for paper.

For the record as is my pet peeve, we are a Republic not a Democracy as this video states "Democracy at Risk".

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