Thursday, December 4, 2008

If you are awake, this will scare the hell out of you!

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This 44 minute lecture by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's foreign policy adviser, is exactly what most Americans feared about Obama, that he would turn our free sovereign nation into a nation controlled by world leaders. Global government means that our nation would no longer be run by the people, for the people because we the people aren't controlling what happens to us anymore. We would have no say any longer in a global government.

This dates back to the beginning of America and why we came from other countries and conquered the new word; to get away from dominance by elite kings and royals, and slavery and high taxes. America was created as a nation run by each man able to control his own destiny by a system called a Republic in which normal men could run for office and create laws that benefited the people. The basis was a rule of law, that being our US Constitution, which we as citizens have had to protect and defend. Unfortunately we have fallen short for many years as we have allowed laws and bills to be passed which go against our rights as Americans with hardly a notice. We continually reelect politicians who serve industry giants who create monopolies and then wonder why our country is in such a mess. The media has manipulated most Americans to just feel the need to be included in the "Party" and have waged a war of "them against us". And nobody pays attention to the battle or the issue, they just jump into the heap of mindless idiots supporting the party just happy to be included. It's the saddest case of "group think" I've ever encountered.

My favorite quote:
"never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"
The founders intended for our nation to be separate from other nations and run by us. Our US Constitution, if served, would keep us free and keep our government in check. Our little microcosm of the world would be self contained creating products and goods to serve our people and allow us to prosper all the while allowing Americans to gain wealth and be free.

A global government means the interests of the globe are first and our country's needs are secondary. If you think for a moment that a global government is going to allow us to keep our Constitution you would be very wrong. Why on earth would they allow us to have rights? As Mr Brzezinski so eloquently stated in this video:
"Today it is easier to kill 1 million people than to control 1 million people"
The idea is "control" and our Constitution directly contradicts that. He sees it in black and white, we either control you or kill you, there are no other options when world dominance is at stake. Wanting world dominance is never about money, but about power and control. The power to use natural resources as they see fit, to use human labor to their financial benefit. Citizens become a commodity for profit. The founders warned us that our Republic would be in danger of take over and it's been gradual. Our Media is totally controlled by the same people who want this global government. So much has taken place and never reported. I actually hear people repeat that global government is inevitable and this is about as treasonous as any American can speak. What has made us grand is freedom and liberty not tyranny and slavery. We enjoy what's left of our freedoms but if we allow this global governance to take place our citizens will be shocked at the reality of it. It's as though they repeat the tyrannical message of global government but think somehow they'll get to keep their freedom in the bargain. It doesn't work that way.

Our forefathers created a great nation. It's miles away from what they intended. I remember back in the 70's when people talked about the United Nations and how bad it was. That it used American resources to do bad things to small defenseless countries in the name of power and control. We have fought useless wars for this globalist agenda and have lost so many Americans for world dominance rather than fighting for freedom. We need to get back to worrying about America and Americans and regain our strength as a nation. This continuous breakdown of our nation piece by piece, is by design. We are like a wounded animal getting small bites that rip at our flesh which only serve to weaken us for the final attack. Our economy is the most recent to have been attacked, once a global money is in place we will lose total control over our individual livelihoods. A slave to a foreign master who doesn't recognize our freedom or our Constitution. If we can't decide on our money we have pulled the plug on America.

Our forefathers did not have global governance in mind, they knew we needed to take care of our own and stay out of the politics of power. This all about power. If you think a kind, just, freedom loving man wants to be the leader of the world you are sadly mistaken. A kind, just, freedom loving man, follows every letter of the Constitution. He knows it holds our freedom in the balance and he fights for it and defends it. How a leader handles the US Constitution is a litmus test for his loyalties. Barack Obama has done everything he can to usurp the Constitution at every turn. Most of the people who will make up his administration will be in direct violation of the Constitution and his reaction:
"The Obama team is well aware of it and they have dismissed it,
He refuses to show a legitimate birth certificate to prove he is Constitutionally eligble. He supported the highly unconstitutional Patriot Act and voted for the unconstitutional bank bail out... And America turned a blind eye, neglected their duty to defend the Constitution and voted him in...

Anyone who needs world power isn't about freedom. Control is not freedom it's just the opposite. Think of it in terms of controlling the world, only it isn't us doing the controlling. Brzezinski talks about what is needed, he isn't referring to us being in the driver seat, he's referring to a bunch of crazy old men who think they are better than us on the controls. He's telling us as though we are part of it, but we aren't in the plan, they just need us to agree to forfeit our freedom so they can move ahead with it. Socialism in this unique way is decided on by the people, only they have no idea what they are signing up for. Communism is taken by force. If we don't agree they'll be forced to take it, regardless of how the change comes about, both are just stepping stones; transition periods before dictatorship. When it's here it will be too late.

Of anything you have ever stood for in your life that ever mattered this is the one thing that matters most to America and humanity. If these control hungry evil people get a hold of America any more than they already have this will be a world crisis, not just our country's. Wake the fuck up. Listen to what this man is saying but hear it, don't just smile and bob your head like a bunch of mindless idiots. This is very, very bad! If you just think this through, actually think about the concept of world government and then remember why we are in this country on this soil it will come to you. God, I pray it will come to you.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Watch and Be Amazed

Zbigniew Brzezinski is Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor. Brzezenski was the national security advisor for President Carter from 1977 to 1981. In 1988 he endorsed HW Bush for President and was Co-Chair of the HW Bush national security advisory task force. From 1987 to 1989 he also served on the HW Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright was a student of Brzezenski.. GW Bush Secretary of State, Condi Rice (also a former national security advisor), who studied under Albright’s father, shares many of the same world government views with Brzezinski and Albright.

The proposals for global taxes by Obama have come with the recommendations of Zbigniew Brzezinski to pay for globalization and world government. Obama has proposed a global poverty tax in a US Senate bill. The Climate Change Control Bill strongly supported by Obama calls for an international governing regime to monitor and regulate carbon dioxide and “carbon footprints” from discovery, to production, to consumption at a cost of $50 trillion globally and at a cost of $8 trillion for US taxpayers, all to be paid for by a global tax, whose monies will be used to establish a world government body.


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