Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Choice is Clear

The only true hope for change in America is a third party vote! Ask yourself why you only see the two sponsored by war on TV and in the newspapers? They are the status quo choice, not offering change or hope but more of the same looting and plunder of the American people. The two war side candidates voted for the 854 billion dollar bail out of the bankers...How can you give them your vote? Does this not serve as a clue to whom they serve? Step outside the propaganda and think for yourself. These aren't your choices, these are their choices and you are doing exactly as they hope you will; falling in step, not thinking and voting for their puppets. The founders of our nation entrusted us to protect our Republic. A vote for the War side is giving her up with a pretty little bow. Patriots are needed more now than ever in history, don't throw away our freedom and liberty with these bought and paid for traitors. Generations from now your ancestors will speak your name in honor for your service and protection of your country or they will not speak of you in public out of disgrace. It's not easy to stand alone for principle, but it's critical to secure our future.

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