Friday, July 24, 2009


Everything we see on the media today is controlled so the two presidential choices were just puppets for the same master. And people voted on what they saw not on who was best suited. Both choices voted for the banker bailouts before they were even elected. This is amazing because the American people were against the bailouts but then like mindless idiots turned around and voted for one or the other anyway. The only recourse we have is at the polls. To make change we have to change who represents us. Go with people who won't vote on bailouts.

Congress today has no term limits. The numbers don't lie. When a career politician has over 20 years you can be sure he or she is well acquainted with lobbyist and get paid much much more than their salaries by industry and special interest groups to do whatever they want. New Congress members have to get to know these people, they aren't entrenched in the power structure yet, they aren't tainted.

The easiest thing Americans can do is not allow Congress members to be voted in ever more than once. We would end Congressional corrupting in one election cycle and return honor to Washington. Since Congress won't legislate their own term limits we have to force term limits on them. We have to respond in kind at the polls when they don't do what we want them to.

I've never seen such an outpouring of citizens contacting senators and congress people on the things they are currently voting on. We are literally crashing their websites and switch boards to tell them how they should be voting, yet these people vote exactly how we are telling them not to because they no longer care or even want to give the illusion they care. It isn't about us it's about power and money and we don't figure into that equation.

When you see that smiling face saying please vote for me look past the name at the years of experience, if it's more than two or four years look at this as a terrible thing for America. In this case experience is a bad thing because it means they've gotten really good at corruption. In addition its harder for a new person to go up against an established person because people don't like change but change is the only thing that can restore this country.

Imagine their faces when they don't win anymore. Or they don't do what we want and they don't win as a result. Guess what, they know there are consequences to their actions. That the American people are not going to take their blatant abuse and disrespect of the very people who put them there.

We all have to do it. We all have to decide never to reelect any of them. At least for a few cycles and once we have purged the crooks we need to get people in who will pass a law to term limit Congress and make lobbyist illegal and the obvious conflict of interest they are.

Hillary Clinton while campaigning said this,

Lobbyist have families... I saw it and stood in shock. Lobbyist sure have jobs, but its what's behind the lobbyist, huge corporations or special interests who pay her large sums of money to do what they ask. Whens the last time a huge corporation wanted her to pass a law that favored consumers? Do you know why you have only one electric company to choose from, or one gas company or one phone company? How in America did everything grow to monopolies which we know is not good for consumers. One company means they don't give a shit about service or price because you can't go anywhere to get that same service you are trapped using the only choice you have. lobbyist paid dearly to be the monopoly. They did it in the name of deregulation and then regulation by our government as if they do anything to protect or benefit us.

If you have two restaurants and one is great and the other is average. We as consumers can decide which has better prices and service. We dictate these businesses survival. We also can influence price when we have choices. With only one choice, we are doomed to high prices and horrible service. And how about the people clapping in this video? Are they idiots? Do they listen to what she says or are they just clapping because they think whatever she says is good?

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