Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicago Protest this weekend, strangely missing from the nightly news

People are taking to the streets in cities all over America. They are tired of the bailouts, tired of the lack of change and tired of the corruption. Ask yourself why your media isn't covering this. If everyone knew how many people felt the same way, they would gain strength and possibly get the crooks out of the Congress and the Senate. These aren't Republicans and Democrats these are angry working Americans furious that their elected officials won't listen to them. When Obama spoke of redistributing the wealth everyone thought he meant from working people to poor people. We all now know he meant from working people to rich bankers and large business owners. General Motors, AIG, CitiBank all standing in line for their handout coming out of our pockets. How is their bailout with huge bonuses and parties and summer homes, and private jets going to do anything for us? It never was, that was never the plan.

Those of you who voted for Obama you were duped, it's OK to admit it. We tried to tell you. It wasn't personal against the man, it was the men behind him who funded his campaign and are now forcing him to make policy that benefits them and not the American people. They paid dearly to be in your living room telling you how wonderful he was and building him up to sound like hope. This was by design so you would get him in office so he could do their bidding. We all wanted a miracle but logic was always there for us. You can't get out of debt by going into more debt. Hope blinded people. Only through information can we know just how large the group of patriots is. If the news mentions them they act as though they are terrorists for exercising rights that founded this country, that we sacrificed our brothers and fathers and husbands for.

When freedom of speech becomes terrorism, we've been taken over by terrorists.

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