Sunday, September 2, 2007

Think Your Vote Counts?

US Voting Machines Rigged

Part 1 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 2 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 3 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 4 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 5 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 6 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 7 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 8 of 9 Hacking Democracy

Part 9 of 9 Hacking Democracy

The Diebold Machines were created with no security on purpose. The Hacking Democracy, 9 part series shows an average citizen who found what was supposed to be a very top secret secure voting software right on the web for anyone to access. Diebold later said she stole it, but if should could access it without passwords or encryption it was put there in that vulnerable state for a reason. There is a very secure encryption software called PGP that would take anyone a million years to unlock the code. This very important software which Tally's our votes should have had the best protection out there instead it had zero.

I'm sure it was placed there so programmers could easily access the code and insert their own malicious code to tamper with the voting machines. Once in the polling places, the computer programmers just take the code they have created and insert it into the machines. Now that the original code of the voting machine has been distributed on the World Wide Web, the current machines will never be secure from tampering but that was by design.

Americans need to get rid of the electronic voting machines and start over. Debold has already proven they purposely created software that wasn't secure and put it on the web for mass dissemination, they can't be trusted and should not be allowed to come anywhere near our voting process in any way. The only thing we can do right now is contact our Congressional Representatives and tell them we need to remove these machines from our polling places. In addition we all need to vote absentee and make a copy of our ballots. Leave a paper trail. Your proof may be needed to prove the fraud. Our vote has been gone for almost 8 years. And nobody seems to have noticed. The media portrays it as the loser always wanting a recount because that's what is shown on the TV, but if you search Youtube you'll see citizens behind the recount. Citizens who were kept from voting who know the voting was rigged but will never grace a TV screen.

Now some Americans will be really stupid and say yea but the right guy keeps winning. Imagine your guy wasn't the right guy and you knew your guy never had a chance. And your guy was even the favorite of most Americans. If you feel cheating so your guy always wins is a good thing I think it's time to find a Dictatorship. That's not what our country was founded on. It's un-American and goes against everything this country represents.

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