Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Have you signed the petition?

To Impeach George W. Bush?

They have 977,047signatures; they are shooting for 1 million. Will you be in D.C. on September 15? Can you be in D.C. on the 15th? Can you wait 495 more days? I'm sorry but 1/09/2009 can't come fast enough.

The only way to send a clear message that we want policy change, we want our Republic back and we want our Constitution as the rule of law is to get this movement going.

~He is the worst President in U.S. History.

~He has turned our once struggling Republic into a first class dictatorship and made us the laughing stock of the world.

~He has created several executive orders that have given him the power to become a full fledged dictator and remove our Constitution all together. In the event of a national tragedy if he exercises this order we will cease to be a free country and will never ever have freedom in America again unless we have a Revolutionary war to take it back. This standing order is the biggest threat to America in our entire history. The fact that it exists is a ticking time bomb. It also presents the potential that something will be staged to exercise it. It's the single most abusive act by any American President in our history. If exercised we will lose our right to vote, our ability to eat and travel and our fire arms will be taken away. We will be under military rule all systems will be under his control as he claims for the good of the nation. When you are living in a FEMA prison camp and don't have food or running water don't say you weren't warned.

~He has created acts which have stripped all Americans of most of their Constitutional rights

~He declared war when he isn't allowed that power and in doing so is treasonous and has given us grounds for impeachment.

~He has done everything opposite his Constitutional oath of office as president namely to uphold and defend our U.S. Constitution.

~He has personally gained financially because of the war in Iraq and the high gas prices

~He has turned our media into a propaganda machine by controlling information supplied to the American people and has lied to millions of Americans calling patriots, traitors and implying that a fight for our Constitution has deemed us nut jobs and whacko’s dividing our Country in half for his own selfish greed and power. "Divide and concur" is the tactical method used on us to weaken our resolve. His administration is counting on most of our countrymen to be ignorant about our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, be afraid of our government, feel blind faith in him is patriotic and to question him is un-American, watch propaganda controlled media exclusively, believe our enemy is a tactic rather than a real person i.e., "terrorism", will have no real knowledge of American History other than what they see on TV, and finally will support his policies no matter how criminal in the name of loyalty.

~Against his oath of office he called our Constitution (in my opinion the greatest document of freedom ever written), a "Goddamned piece of paper", yet his whole position and power are based on it.

Now the Orders:

Executive orders become law, Constitutional or not, by their publication in the Federal Registry, bypassing Congress all together. This loop hole which needs to be closed has no check or balance. As a result the above are true.

Do your research, here are the Executive Orders:
11003, 12656, 11005, 10990, 10995, 10997, 10998, 11921, 11051, 11000

And these acts:
The Patriot Act
The Military Commissions Act
The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003
*National Security Presidential Directive 51
*Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20

*Signed in May of 2007 By Bush- allows the President to control and coordinate all 3 branches of government in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

Looking at the Executive orders, you'll see a wordy mess of unclear direction and scope. This purposeful confusion similar the IRS tax code practices to confuse and hide the true evil nature of these directives. Your government hopes you won't take the time to read it. Then it can blame you when your government has changed before your very eyes.

We wrote it and you didn't protest so we thought that was the direction you wanted us to go.

Petition Link here

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