Saturday, June 5, 2010


I watched a PBS special about a couple who had an autistic child, they were modern hippie parents not to be confused with hippies of the 60's and 70's. The modern day hippies have taken a big giant dose of the Kool-aid. The hippies of the 60's didn't trust the government, were against war and were for personal freedom mainly in the venue of personal recreational drug use. The new hippies of today buy everything their government tells them including global warming and liberalism to an extreme. Little do they know that Autism is linked mainly to government forced vaccinations, and forced medicated fluoride in the water. The hippies of the past would never have accepted these developments but would have been hosting love ins and protests against government control. The current hippies or liberals haven't a clue because in stark contrast they believe EVERYTHING their government tells them. Watching it told me how incredibly powerful propaganda is in modern age society. Hitler after all, was voted in by 95% of the population due to a very effective propaganda campaign which tells us evil only has to utilize tried and true methods of control to disable a nation of thinkers to be drones. The liberals or hippies of our society use to question everything, now they back everything the government tells them too in the name of liberalism or Socialism. They have no idea their beliefs are powered by beliefs that will eventually prove to be the biggest anti-American sentiment America has ever known. Freedom is something the hippies of days gone by understood, those liberals we see now are just pawns in a critical intellectual battle. Hippies can choose to think or buy in, buying in means the end of freedom as we know it. We all pray, thinking becomes the norm again!

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