Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally on Mainstream News

Notice they have the EPA as the counter. Remember the EPA has a history of backing hazardous chemicals. Look at DDT. They don't want to admit they first approved of a hazardous chemical being exposed to American citizens and secondly that they are influenced by strong lobbyist for the Aluminum manufacturing industry. The EPA took a year to finally ban DDT for what they called an "orderly transition" even though they knew the hazards involved. That means for one additional year people were exposed to DDT needlessly and many children born with birth defects all for the sake of the EPA saving face.

Another example is their treatment of asbestos, still not banned in the US, strong lobbyist for the asbestos industry have been diligent in paying off the EPA to not ban it even though they can under Section 6 of the Toxic Substances Control Act. This industry sites job loss and potential economic ruin and the EPA sides with this industry rather than the 1,000's dying from Mesothelioma each year and their familes.

The hazardous waste known as fluoride is very expensive to dispose of as its concentration is lethal to human contact. The fact that this lethal toxic waste was ever considered for our drinking water is beyond comprehension for two reasons, logically a waste product no matter what anyone says has no business in our water supply and secondly, in a free society a government medicating its citizenry is neither in the vein of freedom nor is it moral. It's for us to decide if we want fluoride not our government.

The Aluminum manufacturers used money and influence and charged the municipalities a boat load of money, and paid their scientist to say it was effective in treating cavities and decay even though there is no scientific proof of this. In fact everything that's been scientifically researched about it says its a Neurotoxin that causes learning defects in children acts as a dulling agent making people lethargic and depressed and raises the absorption of aluminum by 300% in the brain which is the main cause of dementia later in life. In addition, the connection to cancer is also very probable. It's a neurotoxin affecting the nervous system.

The FDA has not even put fluoride through a "controlled study" to prove it's merits. But in this case with the EPA and the Aluminum manufactures being in cahoots, an actual legitimate "controlled study" may be impossible.

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