Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's a Good Day in America

Finally Congress has a pulse, and the American people are responsible for administering CPR via a flooding of calls and emails to the point the House.gov website was totally down yesterday. I spent the evening before the bail out vote, emailing every single Ohio Congressional member in protest of this socialist bail out. The fleecing did not pass thankfully but in a surprising turn of events the bill was supported by the Democrats overwhelmingly. Don't the Democrats usually help the little guy? What happened? Why would they bail out the banks to the tune of $700,000,000,000,000, while millions of Americans are struggling to eat?

It was unprecedented, almost the entire Democratic Congress agreed with Republican president Bush. Almost the entire Republican Congress disagreed with the president. It really showed why the Democratically controlled Congress has done nothing we have asked; we are still in Iraq, we are still losing jobs; it's easy, they are doing Bush's bidding. The two party system of checks and balances and apposing ideologies is no more. Their overall approval rating has been the lowest in history because of this. It's a proud moment for every American that bill did not pass. After the dust cleared a few surprising videos surfaced and really put the "p" in proud for all Americans.

I'm originally from Toledo and she was my girl and still is! I do want to point out though she says in one breath a banking system that has worked for 60 years but then highlights how they have been corrupt the entire time. She's got a great start but needs to finish connecting the dots; the Fed is terrible for America.

So what does this all mean? Hope, from both sides of the isle!

We still have the shameful and disgrace of an American, Pelosi. First her taking impeachment off the table. She is a guest at our table lest she forget, and has no right to decide what will be served.

The picture of her that went through the Internet that is featured above, was so telling of the result of the vote; failure. She gambled and lost. She voted against the American people and her face tells a thousand tales. Hopefully this will mark the end of her political career. If I read her face correctly, she knows this. I'm going to guess she received millions of emails since her contact page was on every website I go to, and the people, like they told every other Congress member, was vote "NO" to this fleecing of America. Her face shows she now knows she was in grave error. Sorry Nancy, you don't get to be prom queen...

But lets get back to hope. I saw a very nice piece done by Donald Trump who gave a little glimmer of hope in the righting of the market.

Did he say oil prices down to $25.00 a gallon? And the Dow today was back up 465 points. This tells every American this whole bail out emergency was a lie. The Fed pumped 630 billion in the global financial system today; they had the money, they just wanted ours and they wanted it as a law, so they could legally bilk us. We were not at the verge of collapse. Yesterday when the stock dropped, it had dropped well before the vote was taken and they thought it would pass. So Congress did the right thing. It was too rushed and too behind closed doors and our Democratic Congress showed their hand, Pro bankers- Anti American.

I know this guy is annoying to listen but he has a lot of good information.

So now we have to continue the effort, keep writing and emailing and calling our representatives and be relentless in the fight to not let this robbery pass. I think it's also a perfect stepping stone to stop the Federal Reserve and go back to sound money. If we only spent what we had we would be in no crisis. I'm energized and hopeful that we do have a few Congressional members who are on our side albeit few and far between but a few is better than none. Sometimes it just comes down to apples

Freedom & Liberty to America!

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