Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Great News

I wanted to let those people still wondering about Ron Paul to know his campaign is in full force.

I'm on several key word specific news feeds that give me daily updates regarding the caucus victories and delegates Ron Paul is racking up.

These are sources all over the web and are not Ron Paul generated sites.
Now I'm not talking about our primary votes I'm talking about the delegates getting assigned to each state who will actually vote for the Republican representative on September 1-4 at the Convention.

Those folks are getting selected and assigned as we speak. And so much can happen before September.

Many of the links are calling the take over of delegates stealing but legally following election laws and getting assigned as delegates in each state is playing by the rules, even if it means John McCain will not be the Republican representative after all.

Changing the party from the inside out is the intent. I think it would be incredibly fitting that the media's now total black out of him would be met with his nomination and a nation totally dumb founded because their news acted as a traitor to free elections and censored the truth.

The propaganda media relies on Americans tuning in to not understand the election process, while contrarily the Paul campaign has been aggressively teaching the process and implementing this strategy regardless of the media black out.

People will unequivocally say John McCain has the nomination and this is absolutely 100% false. It will not be decided until September.


This will make history and undoubtedly wake America up.

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